Monday, May 7, 2012

Just Sharing

I haven't been very good about taking pictures as we go of activities, etc. So, I'm sharing random pictures just because I think they're cute.
We found Jon and I's old ReAL Salt Lake hats and the kids LOVED that!! Kristian has told me that when he grows up he wants to be a ReAL Soccer Player and a Police Officer so he can put people in jail. Too cute!
These were just some cute pictures I took of the girls this weekend. When I got Morgan dressed in her purple outfit Addison had to quickly go change so that they matched. Love my little blue-eyed girls!

Monday, April 23, 2012


I did it!! I managed to run my very first 10k (6.2 miles). The most I had ever done in my training was 4.10. I am so so so proud of myself. The old me would have given up and backed out.. BUT... I did it!! I finished in 1:20. Yay me!
A special thanks to my dear friend, and co-worker, Keeley for being brave enough to run it with me. Thanks to Jon for endless support and encouragement and helping me push myself to strengths I didn't know I had. Thanks to my amazing kids for supporting me and cheering me on through the finish line.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Family Pictures

Well, we finally did it! We FINALLY updated our FAMILY PICTURES!! Thank you FotoFly for doing such an amazing job. I LOVE THEM...

Kristian Jon:

Our Little Addison Eva:

And the littlest one: Miss Morgan Rees:

We will have to go back in a few months to get more of the kids. We did an evening photo shoot and Morgan definitely lost interest when it was her moment in the spot light. Overall the kids did great and I couldn't be more pleased with how these turned out.

Other fun pictures:

IMPORTANT: If you would like to view all the pictures you can. They put all our pictures on a thumb drive for us to keep so we can print anything. Login Password: 201213303 Middleton

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Our Little Green Visitor

According to ancient Irish legend, leprechauns are tiny mischievous creatures who love to play tricks and HATE to be caught. Each leprechaun is also thought to have his own pot of gold hidden at the end of the rainbow, and legend has it that if you catch one, he will lead you to this pot of gold in exchange for his freedom. Keep in mind, thought, that the sly little guy will most certainly try to outsmart you and get away.

So, we kept our eyes out to see if we had any leprechauns sneaking around and guess what??? We did!

Day 1:

At bedtime we talked about the leprechaun and who he is, and how he likes to sneak around and play silly tricks. Addison's eyes got REALLY BIG with worry and uncertainty as she says to me, "I just don't want him to bite me."

Kristian, however, got the wheels in his head turning as he calculated the several different ways we could trap him! I love his creativity.

SO what did that sneaky little lephrechaun do? He snuck in to the kids' bedrooms and walked across them in their sleep.. leaving his tiny green footprints as evidence.

Day 2:
Since the lephrechaun loves rainbows we decided to leave him some colorful fruit loop cereal as a treat.

He made a mess of the cereal, again left his footprints, AND... he turned out milk green!! How did he do that??!

Day 3:
Wouldn't you know it? Mr. Leprechaun had to go potty! He left the toilet seat up as well as evidence of his presence...

The kids spent the day with Rebecca and she helped them build a sneaky little Leprechaun Trap!

AND, when the kids were in quiet time the Leprechaun had left them a yummy treat:

Day 4:
We celebrated our Leprechaun Day with a special GREEN DINNER: Green pancakes, Green Eggs, and our Green Milk

Happy St. Patrick's Day Everyone!!


I just thought these pictures were cute enough to share...

Monday, March 5, 2012

Fox in Socks

I had added this to the "Cute Things My Kids Say", but got to thinking about it and this was just too cute NOT to share...

In celebration for Dr. Seuss' Birthday I was sitting and reading some of our favorite Dr. Seuss books with the kids. As you know a lot of his books have a lot of tongue-twisting phrases.

We were reading "Fox in Socks" and I was trying to go slow enough to 1) be able to actually say the tongue-twisty phrases, and 2) slow enough so maybe the kids could follow what was being said.
Addison looks up to me and asks, "Is this Spanish?". I couldn't help but laugh as I gave her a big hug and said, "It might as well be." Sweet, fun moment with my kids.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Chocolate Cake and... Milk??

I've been giving a lot of thought about Dad today. He would have been celebrating his 62nd birthday!! I often wonder what life would be like if he was still around. It was fun to talk about him with the kids and celebrate his birthday!

We didn't have any candles, so we "sprinkled" a 62 and sang Happy Birthday!!

I finally introduced the kids to the classic "Chocolate Cake and Milk" and explained that it was one of Grandpa Hal's favorites. Next year we'll have Root Beer Floats, another favorite.

This one reminds me of Grandpa Hal and how he was always so silly and goofy and making faces. Kristian is a sweetheart, and he is one to make you smile.